Cooperation agreement between Kyklos and Graphimecc

On May 15, 2017, the technical and commercial collaboration between the two companies was formalized.

Their respective AD Ranzato Vianello (Graphimecc) and Azzari (Kyklos) wanted to emphasize the respective strategic value of the collaboration, already underway for several years with important jointly developed projects with full success, and from which the desire to offer to the market a unique platform of products and services.

The merger between management expertise and IT tracking processes in the Kyklos Supply Chain, and specialization in industrial automation and in printing / marking processes for identification and serialization with 100% certification of finished product Graphimeccs will now be integrated to offer every customer innovative platforms capable of generating a sensible value in terms of competence, performance and customization.


Software solutions implementation to support the supply chain management in the fashion industry

The project, funded by the Tuscany Region under the PRSE 2012-2015 -line 1.1b, had the goad to support the company in the improvement of information technology solutions to support the fashion supply chain.
The project, carried out in 12 months and divided into 4 steps, allowed the company to improve some features of the software already developed and the introduction of new ones. In particular, some feature have been introduced in the software for the management and optimization of fashion company supply chain management. Moreover the quality control software has been improved, togheter with the management of raw material and semi-finished items. In the end, a software for production planning in metal accessories companies has been developed in a first release.




e-Biz 4.0: Kick Off meeting 

Last December the 15th took place in Alicante, Spain, the kick-off meeting that started the the European eBIZ-4.0 project.  It will be performed in collaboration with Clave Informática (Spain), Euratex (France), Schaeffer Productique (France) , Kyklos (Italy) ed ENEA (Italy).

eBIZ is the public private initiative pursuing the use and greater interoperability of digital communication (e-Business) across the Fashion supply-chain.


"Enabling companies to directly exchange orders and data between their systems, using a single language."


The eBIZ-4.0 solution will support textile/clothing producers, through the parallel use of RFID and communication standards, in increasing the traceability of products, improving the time to market and warehouse management and, at the same time, reducing data exchange barriers with external providers shortening the distances along the supply chain. 

The adoption of eBIZ-4.0 solution will enable the industries in creating and managing large networks of relationships inside and outside the supply chain, implementing new business models in traditional production chains and boosting the fast response process for EU enterprises.



Once again Kyklos is present at It4Fashion 2016!

Come and visit us!

The IT4Fashion 2016 program

Kyklos this year will be Silver Sponsor of the event. We wait for you, stand S11!