GESTIONE processo produttivo alta modaRMX

Returns management system


Customer returns management is a delicate process that takes place during particular moments of the season, involves various company areas, and affects customer relations. It is therefore essential to facilitate this process by making it as fluid and efficient as possible while also maintaining adequate control criteria.
There are many different types of returns, ranging from commercial needs to post-sales services, and their unique requirements and typical aspects also have a major impact on distribution channels.

RMX is based on a configurable workflow motor which allows the definition of personalized flows for any specific demand.

Advantages resulting from the use of RMX:

  • Guided insertion of return requests
  • Pre-shipping control of request congruity
  • Simple management of all goods shipment documentation necessary
  • Monitors times to complete each workflow phase
  • Allows the creation of automatic and/or rule-dependent manual approval criteria
  • Allows automatic advancement of some steps based on events that occur on other systems



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