GESTIONE processo produttivo alta modaQUALITYX

Quality management system


QUALITYX is one of the fundamental aspects of the new model of company management.
It involves personnel from all departments, along with their activity planning and documentation, and is of key importance for the continual improvement of company performance.
Quality is truly a competitive strategy and an important part of a company’s mission, the goal of any planning and production process. QUALITYX is a software product which optimizes quality control during production.
With globalization and the outsourcing of production on a constant rise, companies have lost control of product quality.
The quality certification process according to objective criteria has thus become strategic, primarily to improve quality in itself, but also to promote an efficient management of all suppliers.
QUALITYX provides a complete management of the entire process, both within the company and at the suppliers or specialized centers.

Advantages resulting from the use of QUALITYX:

  • Monitors supplier quality level
  • Optimizes the performance of quality control teams through dynamic control and sample production management
  • Provides precise quality control data, both current and historical
  • Optimizes sample production logic
  • Provides a decision support tool
  • Centralized control process management that can also be decentralized
  • Can easily be integrated with PDM, ERP and WMS
  • Offers a collaboration tool to guarantee operational interconnections
  • Provides a Document library for the publication and contextualization of any type of documentation (technical data, photos, videos, emails, Word or Excel documents)
  • Integrated with PXM, Product Life Cycle Management, and with SCMX, Supply Chain Management

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