Welcome to Kyklos

Kyklos is a company which was founded in 2003 and which specializes in the development of software and solutions for the fashion and luxury industry. Our company has gained a long-standing experience in the area of passive cycle management, in particular with Supply Chain and Quality management, and thus offers innovative and specific products in these two areas, both from a technological as well as from a process-definition point of view. We propose high tech solutions aimed at confronting new situations of globalization and product internationalization and allowing the composition of solutions based on multiple products by offering a modular product suite capable of covering all functions of a company’s passive cycle management. A distinguishing characteristic of our resources is the many years of strong experience matured in these areas, both from experience acquired within our present company as well as previously in other important companies dealing in the same areas. We additionally have gained a strong experience in the development of mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, as well as with RFID recognition systems.Thanks to our expertise and to the overall positive organization of our company, we are an ideal partner for the development of specific projects.

Kyklos offers outsourcing services. This involves the collection, storage and information management of customers: data security is therefore of primary importance, in terms of protection of privacy, integrity and availability of information.

For these reasons, Kyklos has decided to embark the process of ISO / IEC 27001/2013 certification, only international certifiable standard, and for this reason, subject to verification, which defines the requirements for a management system for information security.